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Welcome Friends,

The space allowed is not adequate enough to express the many things we would like to share with you about the wonderful work God is doing here.In late 1997 God began dealing with us about Faith Tabernacle and their need for a full time pastor. January 13, 1998 my wife JoAnn, our children Jason and Andrea, responded to the Lords call and accepted their invitation to be Faith Tabernacle’s new pastor.  Since that time we have built a new auditorium and fellowship hall, started Kid’s First Learning Center and finally in August 2004 we were blessed to open Faith Christian Academy.  Like anybody we have had our ups and downs – but God did not call us to worry about those things, he called us to pastor the great work that He was building.  Today many wonderful and exciting things have happened and we praise God for each and every one; but, having said that, let me tell you – God has just begun this marvelous work and there are many miracles yet unclaimed and many more lost souls who will find salvation at His altar.  There are many broken families that will be restored because of the sacrifices made by the wonderful men and women you will find here.  Allow your spirit to be refreshed as you listen to the inspired music and worship.  If you are in our area we would consider it an honor for you to join with us in lifting up the name of Jesus. If you are searching for more of Jesus – you have found such a place.

Remember: Now is the time – This is the place -You are the one…

Pastor J.B. Sims

Our Goal for this year

This year we have purposed to be "TRANSFORMED"! 

We don't want to stay the way we were we want to be MORE.

We want to be Transformed!

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Faith Tabernacle Church

18109 US-98 E, Foley, Alabama 36535, United States

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Sundays: 10 a.m. & 6 p.m.

Tuesdays: Prayer 6:00 p.m.

Wensdays: Bible Study 7:00 p.m.